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  • New hours starting September 1st: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8 am to 6 pm Wednesday & Friday 8 am to 5 pm
    Saturday 9 am to 5 pm (We are closed for lunch between 12:30 to 1:30)

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we require everyone 2 year and older wear a mask. At this moment, we are limiting one parent/guardian per child and no siblings allowed to come to the visit. Please call from the parking lot before entering the office.

It is essential that you keep up with your child's well check and immunization during Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Pediatric Care Center – Albuquerque NM | High Desert Pediatrics : Your child’s health is personal. Shouldn’t their healthcare be the same way? We provide personalized pediatric care from birth to 18 years of age.

About High Desert Pediatrics-Albuquerque NM : Get the best possible pediatric care through every stage of your child’s development at High Desert Pediatrics. Call 505-255-1866 today!

Meet Our Pediatricians-Albuquerque New Mexico : High Desert Pediatrics in Albuquerque only hires pediatricians who share a passion for childhood health and high quality medical care. Learn more!

ABQ High Desert Pediatrics Medical Staff : Our medical staff makes your child’s health needs our priority. Our Albuquerque team keeps your child comfortable and at ease in a fun, bright environment!

High Desert Pediatrics Employment-Albuquerque Jobs : Passionate about pediatric care? High Desert Pediatrics is currently seeking a full time pediatrician to hire in Albuquerque.

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Accepting New Patients-Albuquerque Baby Doctor : Expecting a baby? Moving to the Albuquerque area? Need a new pediatrician? Experience personalized pediatric care at High Desert Pediatrics!

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Frequently Asked Pediatric Questions & Answers : At High Desert Pediatrics in Albuquerque, our doctors are always here to provide the answers you need. Don’t see your answer here? Call us! 505-255-1866

Choosing a Pediatric Doctor-Things to Ask : Are you looking for a new pediatric doctor? High Desert Pediatrics shares the questions for pediatricians you should ask your candidates!

Pediatric Care Appointments-Albuquerque NM : High Desert Pediatrics will always make time to see your sick child. Call 505-255-1866 or visit us @ 8650 Alameda Blvd NE, 87122.

Contact High Desert Pediatrics : Need a pediatrician in Albuquerque, NM? High Desert Pediatrics provides personalized pediatric care for your child. Call 505-255-1866.

Newborn Baby Health Care-Albuquerque NM : Having a baby in Albuquerque? Protect your baby’s health with personalized pediatric care from the pediatricians at High Desert Pediatrics.

Toddler Care Doctor – Albuquerque : At High Desert Pediatrics in Albuquerque, our toddler doctors provide regular checks, health advice, & nutrition info for happy, healthy toddlers.

Adolescent Medicine-Health Albuquerque NM : Looking for a great doctor for your adolescent child? High Desert Pediatrics provides health services for teenagers up to 18 years old in Albuquerque.

Teen Pediatrician Albuquerque-New Mexico : Protect your teen’s health with personalized pediatric care from High Desert Pediatrics! Treating acute injuries, illnesses, immunizations, asthma, etc.!

Pediatric Medical Services-Albuquerque NM : High Desert Pediatrics provides a full range of pediatric health services with personalized care for your child up to 18 years of age.

Albuquerque Child Wellness Visits-New Mexico Preventative Child Care : Is it time for your child’s check up? High Desert Pediatric provides regular wellness checkups for newborns, toddlers, children, and adolescents in Albuquerque.

Baby Immunizations-Albuquerque New Mexico : High Desert Pediatrics performs the full range of childhood immunizations, including shot catch-up and baby immunizations. Most all insurances accepted.

Pediatric Physical Exams-Albuquerque Sports-School Physicals : High Desert Pediatrics’ pediatricians can check and evaluate your child’s health and well-being for school & sports physicals! Same day appointments available

Pediatric Behavioral Assessments-Albuquerque New Mexico : Before deciding on the best & safest possible form of treatment, learn more about High Desert Pediatrics’ behavioral assessments.

Circumcision Procedure-Albuquerque NM : High Desert Pediatrics performs circumcisions at the hospital and at our pediatric medical offices. Call 505-255-1866 & schedule an appointment today

Pediatric Injury Care-Albuquerque NM : Need a pediatrician right away for your child’s injury? High Desert Pediatrics in Albuquerque takes same-day appointments.

Pediatric Illness Doctor-Albuquerque : Does your sick child need to see an Albuquerque pediatrician today? We take same-day appointments for acutely ill children. Call 505-255-1866

Child Asthma Treatment Pediatrician-Albuquerque New Mexico : The child asthma pediatricians at High Desert Pediatrics create personalized treatment plans based on your child’s unique health. Call 505-255-1866 today!

Pediatric Diet and Nutrition-Albuquerque NM : The child diet pediatricians at High Desert Pediatrics in Albuquerque can help your family with nutrition advice, food allergy information, and more!

Pediatric Dental Procedure Pre-Op Checks-Albuquerque : Chances are, your child will need a check-up before a dental procedure when sedation is necessary. Try High Desert Pediatrics!

Pediatric Health Care Clinic-Albuquerque New Mexico : Keeping your kids healthy is our top priority! Call High Desert Pediatrics in Albuquerque at 505-255-1866 for personalized care.

Dependable Compassionate-Pediatric Care Albuquerque : Dependable, compassionate pediatric care is available at High Desert Pediatrics.

Quality Health Care-Reliable Experienced Staff : Personalized attention, quality health care and reliable staff are all part of the experience for you and your child at High Desert Pediatrics.

Single Pediatric Provider-Quality Child Health Care : A single pediatric provider for all of your children? High Desert Pediatrics can provide your child with quality health care throughout their development.

General Pediatric Care-Same Day Appointments : General pediatric care is available, even for same-day appointments, at High Desert Pediatrics.

Primary Pediatric Provider-Albuquerque Pediatric Care : Choose a primary pediatric provider who will be able to care for your children throughout their development. Choose High Desert Pediatrics.

General Pediatric Care-Same Day Appointments : General pediatric care is available, even for same-day appointments, at High Desert Pediatrics.

Complete Pediatric Care-Preventative Medicine Albuquerque : Catching illnesses before they become severe is only part of preventative medicine. High Desert Pediatrics provides complete pediatric care, including preventative medicine.

Pediatric Asthma Treatments-Albuquerque Asthma Screening : Asthma can put unnatural restrictions on your child’s life. High Desert Pediatrics provides asthma screenings and treatments.

Teenager Behavioral Assessments-Albuquerque Child Pediatrics : Not everything about a child’s behavior is ‘just a phase.’ This is why High Desert Pediatrics offers behavioral assessments.

Quality Pediatric Care-Available Health Care Albuquerque : Quality pediatric health care is available at High Desert Pediatrics.

Newborn Checkups Pediatric Care-Regular Health Care : Start your child off on the right foot with newborn care at High Desert Pediatrics.

Toddler Development Assessments-Emotional and Mental Health : Development of mental and emotional health is as important as your toddler’s physical well-being. High Desert Pediatrics offers behavioral assessments to help parents stay on the right track.

Strengthen Adolescent Academic Performance-Child Options : Is your child having trouble in school? High Desert Pediatrics can consult with you and your child about their options to strengthen academic performance.

Asthma Family Assistance-Albuquerque Asthma Treatments : An invisible illness, asthma can be frightening for parents and children alike. High Desert Pediatrics provides asthma treatment and assistance for the family.

New Mexico Local Pediatrician-Best Pediatrician Albuquerque : Find your local pediatrician when you visit High Desert Pediatrics!

Same Day Appointments-Albuquerque Pediatrics : Illnesses and injuries don’t always wait for opportune times; High Desert Pediatrics offers same-day appointments for that reason.

Childhood Illness Treatments-Albuquerque Pediatrics : Illnesses are part of growing up, but High Desert Pediatrics can make that easier and more comfortable on your child.

Immunization Shots-Albuquerque Pediatrics Immunizations : Immunizations protect your children from dangerous diseases. High Desert Pediatrics handles immunizations for all ages.

Family and Child Pediatricians-Albuquerque Pediatrics : Pediatricians are a necessary part of every child’s life. High Desert Pediatrics can work with you and your family to keep your child healthy through every stage of their development.

Minor and Traumatic Injuries-Albuquerque Pediatirians : Accidents happen. High Desert Pediatrics is ready to handle your child’s minor traumatic injuries.

Pediatric Physical Exams-Full Care Albuquerque : Does your up-and-coming athlete need a physical? High Desert Pediatrics can provide them.

School Enrollment Physicals-Health Care Physical : For the safety of all students, some schools require a physical before enrollment. High Desert Pediatrics can provide those physicals.

Albuquerque Sports Physicals-Kids Sports : Sports are physically demanding. High Desert Pediatrics offers sports physicals to ensure your child is in good condition to meet the demand.

Albuquerque Nutritional Guidance-Child Care Pediatrics : Parents want their children to grow up healthy, and this can require help when dealing with children’s nutrition. High Desert Pediatrics offers nutrition guidance to help parents along.