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Albuquerque’s Newborns Deserve Regular Checkups

Even experienced parents know that newborns all come with their own individual challenges. One infant’s health is not the same as another’s; they need individualized attention from knowledgeable pediatricians. High Desert Pediatrics provides the kind of personal attention and quality care that your growing family deserves.

Full Newborn Care, Beginning With Checkups

The development of a newborn is watched closely by parents, but it’s a pediatrician’s expertise that will help ease concerns about growth and usual baby milestones. Early detection of possible problems allows immediate attention; this is why pediatricians recommend newborn checkups. Immunizations should begin right away to protect your baby from contracting dangerous childhood diseases; these can be scheduled with checkups.

Not only will we be able to take measurements and do a physical examination to ensure your newborn’s health remains stable, but our doctors can also address any parental concerns at that time. Children grow and develop very quickly, so tracking their milestones, physical health and development is necessary to planning quality health care.

Newborn Checkups Help Parents, Too

As a parent, you have concerns and questions. When you’re bringing your newborn in for a checkup, it’s the perfect time to ask our board-certified pediatricians anything about your child’s health. High Desert Pediatrics believes in individualized, close attention. This means getting to know you, your child and your family so we can offer the best solutions for your lifestyle.

If you’re expecting in Albuquerque and looking for a pediatrician you can trust with everything from newborn checkups to handling injuries, contact us today and schedule your appointment!

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