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Albuquerque Pediatric Appointments

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Thank you for choosing High Desert Pediatrics for your child’s care! Please refer to information below to learn more about our walk-in policy, appointments for multiple children, late and missed appointments, and circumcision appointments.

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Walk-In Policy

NOTE: Walk-ins are for established patents only with sick and minor injuries.

High Desert Pediatrics will always make the time to see your child for acute illnesses and injuries. We would always like for you to call to make an appointment but you may also simply walk in without calling. An acute condition is defined as an illness or injury with rapid onset over a short duration. In other words, an illness or injury that started within a few hours or days and has worsened or not improved. An acute condition may also include a sudden worsening of a chronic condition such as asthma. If you think that your child may need emergency care, you should immediately call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

“Walk-in” means that you do not have an appointment and you will be seen in between scheduled patients as time allows. This means that you may be waiting for a couple of hours if we are extremely busy. Only the primary acute condition will be addressed on the visit. You will be asked to reschedule for any chronic or recurring conditions.

Appointment Waiting MaterialIf you call for a same day appointment, you may be informed that our schedule is full but that we will see you as a “walk-in”. You may be given a specific time to arrive but that does not mean you have an appointment. We do this in order to minimize your wait time and avoid overwhelming our staff. We try to manage our schedule in order to best serve our scheduled patients while meeting the needs of our acutely ill patients.

Please be considerate to our staff. We ask that you arrive about 1 hour before we close. However, that does not mean that we will refuse to see you if you arrive immediately before closing time. If you are in our office during our regular business hours, your child will be seen before we close.

If you walk in immediately before our lunch hour, you may be asked to wait until after lunch. We don’t mind working through lunch if we must, but please arrive at least 1 hour before the lunch hour in order to allow for staffing adjustments.

If you walk in with more than one child, we may not be able to see all the children at the same time. We may need to see one at a time in between scheduled patients.

Appointments for Multiple Children

It is very difficult to have multiple children scheduled at the same time. It is important to keep information straight in order to provide optimal care. Two patients at the same time is about the most we can handle without compromising care and that is only if both have similar conditions. If your children have different conditions, you may be asked to split up the appointments in order to provide the best care for each.

Late and Missed Appointments

Late and missed appointments do not have penalties, but will require rescheduling. You will be given the option of waiting as a walk-in or rescheduling the appointment. Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. It helps us stay on schedule and minimize wait time.

In order to ensure that you make your scheduled appointment time:

  • Please allow a few minutes for registration and insurance verification.
  • Please be sure to bring your insurance card and identification.
  • Please be prepared to pay your co-pay and any unpaid charges on your account at the time of check-in.
  • For new patients, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to complete required registration paperwork.
  • If you know you will be late, please call at least a few hours in advance in order to allow us to adjust the schedule. You may be asked to reschedule or come in as a walk-in. It will not be considered a late or missed appointment.
  • Our office has decided that we are no longer accepting patients to be late to their appointments.

At High Desert Pediatrics, we understand that missed appointments will happen. But we ask that you please be considerate. If you have frequently missed appointments, we will only accept patients on walk-in basis.


We offer in-office circumcisions for newborns that were not circumcised in the hospital prior to discharge or were born at home. We only do circumcisions in the newborn period. Babies older than a few of weeks old will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. In general, we will not do circumcisions on infants older than a month.

Things to bring to your circumcision:

  • A long sleeve shirt or onesie. Snap closure is preferred if it is a onesie.
  • A light weight receiving blanket
  • A pacifier. This is optional but it will help keep him calm during the procedure.
  • Usual baby care items including diapers and bottles (if formula fed).

Please allow at least 2 hours for the appointment. You will ask to wait an hour before going home to make sure the circumcision is not bleeding. If you are being referred to our office by another pediatrician, please make sure that your baby has been evaluated by your pediatrician within a few days prior to making the appointment. If High Desert Pediatrics is your provider, please make a newborn follow up appointment first (within 1-3 days of discharge) and we will then schedule the circumcision separately. This ensures that your baby is well and it is safe to perform the procedure.

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