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Please wear mask at our office all time (for ages 3+). Even though Covid – 19 vaccinations progress, the mask wearing is working greatly for everyone’s wellness and safety at our office. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

With mask wearing, now we can welcome siblings/other parent or guardian to come in for the appointment together. But we prefer the smaller crowd size better, for faster and safer appointment time.

Know the Importance of Immunizations, Albuquerque

Vaccines have been instrumental in improving worldwide health over the past few decades. Polio and smallpox once claimed hundreds of thousands of lives; now they’re both listed as eradicated by the World Health Organization. Preventing potentially lethal illnesses such as measles and hepatitis is the entire purpose of immunization. And High Desert Pediatrics handles immunization for every age.

Why is Immunization Important?

Vaccines introduce the human body to weakened or inactive viruses or bacterial material. This allows the immune system to develop antibodies against those particular viruses and bacteria. The result is that if your child has been immunized properly, their body can effectively fight off a disease like measles or hepatitis.

Immunization is an important step in protecting your child’s health, especially when they’re babies and toddlers. Not only does immunizing your children protect them from a long list of diseases, but it contributes to herd immunity. When a population shares an acquired immunity to a disease, such as polio or smallpox, it halts the spread of that disease. If a child cannot be immunized due to specific health issues, herd immunity protects them from those diseases.

Legally Required for School Attendance

New Mexico state law requires certain immunizations for children to enroll in schools and some day care facilities. All of the required vaccinations can be completed by the time your child is 5 years old if you begin immediately. High Desert Pediatrics regularly handles immunizations; we can see to it that your child receives all of the vaccines they need to remain healthy.

Parents have questions about vaccines and immunization; we are always happy to address concerns and answer those questions to ensure that parents are fully educated on the importance of immunization. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started!

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