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Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we require everyone 2 year and older wear a mask. At this moment, we are limiting one parent/guardian per child and no siblings allowed to come to the visit. Please call from the parking lot before entering the office.

It is essential that you keep up with your child's well check and immunization during Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Child Wellness Visits in Albuquerque, NM

Pediatric Doctor’s Office

Child wellness visits are a cornerstone of childhood health. Unlike a sick child visit or even a immunization visit, child wellness visits allow our pediatricians to ensure that your child’s health and development is on track.

Preventative Care with a Personal Touch

Wellness VisitsWellness visits are important because they allow pediatricians to identify potential health issues and prevent problems before they happen. Our Albuquerque pediatricians practice personalized care, getting to know your child’s unique personality and your family’s medical history so we can pick up on any potential problems right away.

What to Expect at a Child Wellness Visit

When you bring your child to High Desert Pediatrics for child wellness or newborn doctor visits, they receive quality care in a bright, comfortable environment. As your family waits to see the doctor, your child can play with the books and toys in our fun waiting room!

Child wellness may include the following:

  • Check your child’s height, blood pressure, BMI and weight
  • Ask about any recent health events
  • Check hearing and vision
  • Make sure your child is up to date on immunizations
  • Perform behavioral assessments
  • Discuss any developmental concerns
  • Update health records
  • Urine analysis

Child wellness visits are also the perfect time to discuss any questions you may have about your child’s health or behavior. From toilet training to home safety, our pediatricians answer all of your questions to ensure you have a full knowledge of your child’s health.

Child wellness visits are meant to identify potential problems your child may have. If something is identified as a possible concern, you will be asked to schedule a follow up appointment for a more in-depth evaluation.

When to Schedule Child Wellness Visits

Wellness checks are more frequent for newborns and toddlers. After having a baby, parents should schedule their first newborn doctor visit by the 1 month mark. After that, newborn doctor visits should be scheduled every 1-3 months.

After 2 years of age, your child may only need a wellness check once a year. But, because the frequency of wellness checks depends on your child’s health needs, it’s important to always ask the doctor when the next check-up should be.

Contact Our Albuquerque Pediatricians

For child wellness visits and newborn doctor visits, High Desert Pediatrics is always available to provide quality care. Contact us today and see the difference personalized care can make for your child’s health.

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