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School/Sports/Camp Paperwork: Please plan ahead and accordingly to the due date. We NEED MINIMUM 3 BUSINESS DAYS for filling out paperwork for your child(ren)’s paperworks for new school year etc. We can’t expedite the service.

Getting a School Physical in Albuquerque

When it comes to keeping your children safe, school districts and administrators do their best. This involves creating requirements that will focus on providing the healthiest environment for all students. And school physicals are part of those requirements designed to ensure every student is healthy. High Desert Pediatrics provides school physicals to let your child meet their school’s requirements and assure you of your child’s health.

Why Do Schools Require Physicals?

A school involves a large number of children all interacting in closed spaces. If one child is sick, they can infect other children. If one child has a chronic medical condition, the teacher of that class will need to be informed so they can ensure your child gets to the school’s medical care provider quickly. Some conditions provide early warning signs that doctors can recognize. This allows for quick treatment and management of chronic problems.

Parents and schools can only handle what they know about; no one can manage asthma if they’re unaware the child has it. A school physical will give parents a chance to discuss concerns about their child’s health as well as address any conditions or problems that have arisen.

Handling Your Child’s School Physical and Care

Parents looking for a school physical exam for their child should check with the school district to obtain the forms needed; some school districts have specific paperwork they require the doctor to fill out. High Desert Pediatrics is willing to work with any school district’s requirements to ensure that your child gets the physical exam they need to be ready for the school year.

Are you worried about other aspects of your child’s health? Do you want to schedule an appointment for wellness checks or see about a school sports physical for your teen? We handle every stage of child development and provide complete pediatric care. Contact us today to schedule your child’s appointment!

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