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Albuquerque Teen Acne Dermatologist

Treating Adolescent Acne in Albuquerque, NM

Our teen acne pediatricians are board-certified and fully qualified to treat most cases of teen acne. At our Albuquerque pediatric office, we will examine and identify the severity of the acne. For moderate to severe acne, our teen acne doctors may prescribe a topical treatment or an oral antibiotic to control and reduce inflammation.

Benefits of Teen Acne Treatment

Acne should not have to be something your child has to “live with.” Resolving acne at an early age has numerous adolescent health benefits, including:

  • Less likelihood of permanent facial scarring
  • Better hygiene habits for a healthy life
  • Improved self esteem, lowering the risk for behavioral problems
  • Heightened attention to stress triggers
  • Better nutritional habits

 Our pediatricians can help diagnose the cause & find a treatment for your child’s acne! Click here to message us or call 505-255-1866 to make an appointment!

Albuquerque Dermatology Assessments

Chronic acne is a medical problem that can cause scarring and affect your teen’s self-esteem. At High Desert Pediatrics, we can help your teen understand acne and prescribe appropriate treatments to resolve the problem.

Understanding Teen Acne

Teen Dermatology CareWhile it is common for teenagers to get pimples, many adolescents suffer from acne. Acne is caused by the overproduction of sebum – an oily substance that clogs pores and subsequent bacterial infections.

At High Desert Pediatrics, we find the best acne treatment solutions by getting to your know your teenager’s healthcare needs, personality, and stress triggers. By discussing factors like nutrition, exercise, and facial hygiene, our teen acne doctors can instill the positive habits that reduce breakouts in teen years and adulthood.

At High Desert Pediatrics, we practice accessible, personalized pediatric medicine with patients at every age. Our teen acne doctors are always available to answer your child’s acne questions and discuss the course of treatment. All you have to do is contact us!

Contact us to schedule an appointment in Albuquerque today!